Education is the most powerful tool to break through in life, to break out of poverty, and to break into living life on your own terms.

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Batjin Boldbat
Founder Tomuujin

I was born into a loving middle-income family. My mother ensured that I attended a good school, regardless of the financial situation. She worked multiple jobs, started many small businesses, and even moved to different continents, undertaking laborious odd jobs to finance my high school education. After graduating from high school, I took a gap year to question whether I truly wanted to go to college. I applied hesitantly, afraid, and hoping to receive as much financial aid as possible, as my mother was in no position to afford the cost of US college tuition, which was too high for her to bear. I am still not sure what Williams College saw in me, but they offered me admission and a full ride, even covering my roundtrip flights. I am privileged throughout, and I cannot and will not live without sharing it.

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