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History of Tomujin Academy

Tomujin Academy was founded in 2015 with the ambitious mission of sending Mongolian students to the world's best universities. In 2015, we launched our first-ever programs, including Guerrilla TOEFL Prep 2015, SAT Crash Course 2015, and Summer School 2015.
In 2016, our comprehensive curriculum brought us closer to our vision. Sixty-three students received acceptance letters with $3,874,888 in financial aid. While the number of students applying to US colleges increased, so did the number of students studying in top universities. However, there were still many students who were grudgingly studying at Mongolian universities. To address this, we planned to implement our first GAP program.
In 2017, a historic moment occurred for Tomujin when one of our students from a Mongolian public school was accepted into Harvard, a first in the nation's history. This achievement not only inspired and gave hope to teenagers nationwide but also marked the beginning of an influx of Mongolian students knocking on the doors of globally leading institutions.
In 2018, we got our second acceptance into Harvard, proving that the GAP Program was one of our most successful programs. It reported improvements in students' personal skills and maturity levels while also resulting in dream school acceptances. The GAP program showed significant improvement in the academic careers of participants.
In 2019, Tomujin achieved success on multiple fronts. It successfully completed all four of its seasonal cohort programs. Furthermore, it took the first steps toward its ultimate vision by starting to build a prep school. Tomujin students continued to achieve success and made progress toward their goals throughout the year.
In 2020, Tomujin achieved major successes despite challenges. The Tomujin Alternative School was built and admitted its first cohort of 200 students, with over 60% receiving financial aid. The school was the first in Mongolia to use a house system and the PBL teaching method. The school also started a tech company that proved crucial during a sudden lockdown.
In 2021, the first students graduated from the Tomujin Alternative School in 2021. Bloomberg Mongolia awarded Tomujin with The Best Educational Institution Award.
In 2023, Tomujin Academy in Thailand was launched, with its first offices opening in Bangkok.
Meet the Team

Batjin Boldbat


Enkhjin Amraa

Chief Operating Officer

Anar-Od Odgerel


Khaliun Sukhbaatar

Regional Director

Shiniinnegen Chinsukh

Marketing Manager

Tergel Lkhagvasuren

Program Coordinator

Barsbold Enkhbold

SAT Math Teacher


IELTS Teacher

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